Do you suffer from…

… success?

… emptiness?

… loneliness?

… all three?

Often in life, whether we are riding the wave or trying to keep our head above water we could greatly benefit from the supportive, encouraging word or helpful lifting hand of another human being.

Someone that … whether they’ve been through the same thing or not cares enough to ask the tough questions that when answered helps form the runway to making the next best decision you need to make or gets your head high enough to take a breathe, and get rested for the remaining struggle ahead.

If you were faced with either a urgent relationship situation or joyful milestone moment in your life RIGHT NOW, name the 5 to 8 people, outside of your immediate family, that you would call to share it with?

2 years ago, when I approached that very same question I came up with too many people shy of an acceptable answer.  I had zero, yep a whopping no-one that I truly trusted enough to share my deepest cares and needs with.

Wake-up call answered, and I began my journey to a mastermind.

In the greatest story of all time, the author gives us some wise advice.  He says … “Where there is no counsel, the people fall; But in the multitude of counselor,s there is safety”.

Go ahead take the next step and learn more about the Iron Sharpens Iron Mastermind!